All about me…

Hello people!!! 

So i will be blogging about life in general… So let me introduce myself. I am Reezy, I am from South Africa, I am 15 and writing is my life. It’s my escape from my hectic and bizarre life… I am certainly not the shy girly type. I love making my voice be heard by the world not matter how little or how much i have to say. People really need to air their opinions and not bottle up their emotions it just makes matters worst trust me i learnt that from a lot of experiences from trusting jerks to getting my heart hurt by friends and family and just life itself.  Life is a journey and not a destination so buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride basically life is like a fun and scary roll coaster ride thats waiting for u to get on and enjoy what it has to offer. God is a major part of my life being a Hindu and having a very cultured background. God only knows what is gonna happen next in our lifes so people all we can do really is do our best and leave the rest to god to make our lifes better. I will be posting regularly or everyday if possible. So people enjoy what i have to say. 


Author: reezylog

I am a South African teen... i love expressing who i am... i ain't afraid to show the world who i am... i want my voice and thoughts to be heard by the world... i have dreams to make a difference in people's life...

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